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Why the big fuss on Big Data?

Big data is transforming the aviation big time. Are we ready for the big change, and what does this mean for the industry?

Fifteen years ago, it was acceptable for airlines to focus purely on pushing planes through the skies. Today, they are pushing terabytes of data, too. An airline’s core competency has extended to shifting—and sifting—data from a constellation of different sources. Big data in aviation is changing everything.

Imagine this: You run a major airline, and a storm is hitting the East Coast today, meaning that several flights will be delayed. On each flight are passengers with their own loyalty and revenue profiles, and many need to make a connecting flight with your airline.

You must determine whether to hold each connecting flight long enough to accommodate late passengers. You must also consider baggage transfer times, the number of transferring passengers, the flights they are coming from, and the length of time it takes them to get from one gate to another, along with many other variables related to the profitability of each outgoing flight. Where do you start?

This is one example of how big data in aviation can help make business more efficient. These transportation companies live and die by data, and they are producing more of it each day in every part of their operations. A Boeing 787, for example, creates half a terabyte of data on average for each flight it takes.

Combined with information on weather, customer contact center interactions, ticketing information, and airport performance times, this ocean of data can offer some significant business insights for companies operating in a highly competitive industry.

The big data is a major topic that will be covered on upcoming MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 with top speakers and experts on the subject. The Morocco 2019 is cominig on 24 September in Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

Source: hortonworks.com

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