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What to expect?

MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 will be held on 24 September at the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, just before MEBAA Morocco Show that takes place on 25 - 26 September 2019 at Marrakech Menara Airport.

MEBAA Conference Morocco is one-of-a-kind business aviation convention bringing together the most prominent leaders and influential stakeholders of the business aviation industry, including those in a regulatory capacity. It’s a far-reaching influencing and networking event for one of the most significant industries for the Middle East & North Africa of the 21st century.

As the business aviation momentum builds in Africa, players will be seeking a focused way to access the market. The Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) recognized this need and, in 2015, launched the MEBAA Show Morocco designed for the global business aviation industry to access this critical and emerging market.

Over two days in September 2019, the MEBAA Show will return to Marrakech to host 2,000+ professionals from OEMS, MROs, FBOs and operators at an exhibition and conference all focused on business aviation in North Africa.

The conference will expand on trends, infrastructure development, regulation and market gaps whilst the exhibition will display the latest in business aircraft manufacturing and services. It is one of a series of events in the region focused on driving all sectors of the MENA aviation sector.


Africa: The Future of Business Aviation

Africa is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world projected to have 400 million passengers by 2035. Africa’s business aviation market is growing fueled by growing commerce and gaps in the commercial aviation sector. Africa is the great opportunity in the aviation market. Although the continent represents 15% of the world’s population, the World Bank suggests it only represents 2% of air traffic. Clearly there is room for growth and IATA predicts by 2036 there will be 400 million passengers in the African aviation marketplace, most of them moving within the continent.

MEBAA Conference Morocco is a must-attend event for any company or professional involved in business aviation in this rapidly expanding market. 



Morocco: At the Centre of African Business Aviation

North Africa’s business aviation market continues to grow as more companies invest in this vibrant sector. Morocco flies at the head of this burgeoning market, propelling the industry forward with a commitment that stems right from the top of the country’s leadership.

Due to its strategic location between Europe, the Middle East, and the rest of Africa, Morocco is seeing an increasing amount of movements which also include flights servicing the South American market.


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