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MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 speakers are high-profile experts, who address the issues related to specific areas of business aviation and communicate the effect they impose on the industry in the Middle East & North Africa.

CREATING THE FUTURE: Innovations of the business aviation industry


Speaking session: Big data in business aviation - theory or practice

The impact of the big data in the industry and how your company can take advantage of this division

Speaking session: Research and Development in business aviation


Speaking session: The blockchain application on the business aviation industry


Speaking session: “The future of helicopter flight: transforming business travel”

The transition from traditional helicopter technology today to co-existing with semiautonomous and fully autonomous aircraft of the future

Speaking session: The future of transportation and its impact on business aviation


SAVING THE FUTURE: Challenges of the business aviation industry


Speaking session: Business aviation shift from a product to a service

Is the future of business aviation based on aircraft ownership or services?
How the new generations (millennials) impact on the business aviation?
Bridging the knowledge gap between generations of business aviation
How to attract, teach and retain the future aviators?

Speaking session: The issues challenging the continuous development of the North African Market

How’s the worldwide trend affecting the MENA region market?
How the ununified regulations in the MENA region affect the growth of the business aviation market?

JOINING THE FUTURE: Raising the new generations of the bizav professionals


Speaking session: The importance of the international standards for the business aviation industry in Morocco


Speaking session: Flight deck crew competency and knowledge

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