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2020 Conferences overview

2020 will be the most active business aviation events year in history of MENA region.

MEBAA hosts networking events throughout the year, but 2020 is different. It will be the most active business aviation year in the history of the MENA region. Coming with MEBAA Show in Dubai, we ignite the industry with 3 special networking conferences in 3 diverse markets and countries with a unique appeal. MEBAA will host conferences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Dubai. The MEBAA Conferences bring together the business aviation industry’s most prominent thought leaders and its influential stakeholders, including those in a regulatory capacity, to an open discussion on the most critical issues facing the business aviation industry in the Middle East & North Africa.

Join us for our most exciting year, 2020, when MEBAA will host even three conferences in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Dubai and let us take you through discussions about ongoing industry challenges and opportunities with high level professionals.


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